Evac+Chair is the World’s No1 Stairway Evacuation Chair.


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A World Leader in ‘no-lift’, Stairway Evacuation.

Those with mobility impairment, physical or mental disability or recent injury may be at an increased risk during an emergency evacuation of any building. They may be unable to use the evacuation staircase or they may require assistance resulting in an unacceptably slow descent that may obstruct others on the staircase. Employers have a legal duty to consider the risks associated with fire and other emergencies and must make reasonable adjustments to ensure the safety and health of all those for whom they have responsibility.

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The strategic placing of Evac+Chairs around a building makes a significant contribution towards meeting legal obligations.

The Evac+Chair is a simple, easy to use evacuation chair that can be operated by one member of staff who has had the necessary operator training. The skills are quickly and easily learned and the chair removes the need for manual handling during the stairway descent.

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The Evac+Chair comes with wall mounting hooks, dust cover and photo luminescent signage as standard. A wall housing and secure wall fixing unit are optional extras.

The Servicare Annual Maintenance Contract ensures that the Evac+Chair is always maintained in working order. Our service engineer will carry out a complete and thorough service of your chairs every year and worn parts are replaced as necessary.

McCallum Safety & Health are sole distributors of the Evac-Chair across Northern Ireland.

  • Free On-Site Surveys
  • Lightweight, quick and easy to use
  • Fit for purpose at all times with annual support and training (PUWER)
  • Certificated competency training
  • Use on stairs between 28º and 40º angles including tight corners
  • Helps meet the duty of care under Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination Legislation
  • Helps meet obligations under Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Versatile – use along corridors, and down stairs
  • Comfy Seat – A cushioned seat which provides additional comfort and support. The Comfy Seat clips to the seat frame of the Evac+Chair and can be purchased as a retrofit.

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