RH Logic 300 24 hr


A chair that is used all day long naturally needs to be extra comfortable and durable. RH Logic 300 24 hour has an extra wool layer in the seat and back to enhance ventilation and comfort. Current upholstery options are either leather or 24/7. Otherwise the control room chair has the same features as the standard chair. This means that the fabric and the pads can be changed easily. RH Logic 400 is tested and approved to EU standards (EN 1335, compliant with ISO 7173 for control room chairs). The guarantee period has been increased to two years.

RH Logic 300 (24 hr)

The chair is supplied as standard with an lumbar pump, base in graphite aluminium with matching infills and castors for carpeted floors. The chair offers a wide range of options e.g. neckrest, armrests, several castor alternatives etc. There is an extensive range of fabrics and leather to choose from.

RH Logic 300 24 hr comes standard with castors for soft floors and base in graphite aluminium with matching infills, and can also be equipped with a range of options such as neckrest and armrests. RH Logic 300 24 hr is also available with XL seat.


Width 445 mm, height 500 mm.

Seat, sliding 60 mm.

Width 465 mm, depth 475 mm.

Seat height

Approx. 415 – 525 mm.

Dimension spec. as per EN 1335-1, Class B, BS 5459 Part 2 and TCO 04 Office Furniture standards.

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