RH Logic 400/300

One of our most popular chair ranges. Consists of the office chairs RH Logic 400. which has a high back, and RH Logic 300 which has a lower back. Both are based on 2PP™, our philosophy on active sitting, which enables you to do more and perform better. The RH Logic 400/300 suits different people and work situations with a wide range of different fabrics and options, such as extra large seat and control room design. Also available in an ESD-approved version.

The RH Logic 400/300 models are available in three basic versions: Standard, Elegance and 24 hour. RH Logic 400 has a high back, RH Logic 300 a lower back. Elegance has a luxuriously upholstered back, while the 24hr version is slightly more padded. There is considerable scope for adding to the basic models in order to personalise the chair, so that it suits you, your measurements, your needs and your style. You should be able to alter not only your sitting position but also the chair you are sitting in.

Naturally breathing wool
Wool is nature’s own material for transporting warmth and air. Beneath the fabric we have remained true to nature with a thick wool cushion to enable breathable seat & back-pads.

We follow your shape
Whether you should choose a high or low back depends on your physical attributes. The key thing is to have good support for the lower back, and both versions of RH Logic provide this. Notice the shape – the way the backrest narrows so that you can move your arms back unhindered. This results in natural movements, enabling you to move closer to your desk and work more efficiently. In the upper part of the backrest is the Tvedt cushion – a unique support system in our chairs that helps you to stretch. The entire structure of the backrest is designed to relieve strain from the base of the spine all the way up to the shoulder area. If you want more support, further options such as armrests and neck-rest are available.

RH Logic 400/300 Models

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