RH Logic 3-4

RH Logic is a range of office chairs for those who sit extra long at work. This is why it is entirely designed on the basis of 2PP™, our philosophy on the importance of flexibility in sitting, to keep you going during long working days – such as in front of the computer or in surveillance work. RH Logic is also very durable while being easy to adjust and re-adjust. Benefits that make it ideal for all types of office environments. Also available in an ESD-approved version. A hard wearing chair.

Moveon_kneeKNEE. The human knee joint is the inspiration for the chair’s first articulation point, located well forward beneath the seat pan in line with your knees. A unique placement which ensures minimal movement of the front edge of the seat when you lean backwards or sit forwards. Thus your feet never leave the floor, the pressure on the underside of your legs is minimised and you avoid numbness in your legs, since the blood flow is never cut off.

Moveon_hipHIP. The pattern of movement in the hip joint is the model for the chair’s second articulation point. This is located beneath the seat pan in line with your hips and angles the backrest forwards and backwards. A unique placement which ensures that the backrest never moves vertically when you tilt it. The lumbar-flex pad is always in the right place to provide support, facilitating an erect and upright posture.

RH Logic 1-4 Models

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