RH Extend

Elegant, ergonomic and easy to use. Both are based on 2PP™, our philosophy on active sitting. The chair is equipped with a lever that makes it easy to choose exactly the right sitting position, something that makes it the perfect choice for an environment where hotdesking is the norm and many different people use it at different times. RH Extend is ideally suited to all types of office environments and the backrest is available in two different sizes.

RH Extend is built for people who prioritise simple adjustments and elegant design in every detail, and insist on unbeatable ergonomic characteristics. The chair features RH Form’s unique pattern of movement, with three articulation points – at the knee, hip and lower back – positioned to complement the body’s own joints. This encourages flexible and active sitting, while also assuring support and freedom from tension.

The key to RH Extend is a handy lever that makes it simple to vary your sitting position. Using the stepless locking function, selecting the exact position that suits you best is a simple operation, or you can choose to leave the chair in free-float so that the rocking function comes into play. Whichever setting you choose, you retain an upright posture with maximum support.

RH Extend is ideally suited for working in all modern office environments and is also suitable as a multi-user chair if several of you are sharing the same work area. RH Extend is available in two sizes.

“A good chair moves like you do”

Moveon_kneeKNEE. The human knee joint is the inspiration for the chair’s first articulation point, located well forward beneath the seat pan in line with your knees. A unique placement which ensures minimal movement of the front edge of the seat when you lean backwards or sit forwards. Thus your feet never leave the floor, the pressure on the underside of your legs is minimised and you avoid numbness in your legs, since the blood flow is never cut off.

Moveon_hipHIP. The pattern of movement in the hip joint is the model for the chair’s second articulation point. This is located beneath the seat pan in line with your hips and angles the backrest forwards and backwards. A unique placement which ensures that the backrest never moves vertically when you tilt it. The lumbar-flex pad is always in the right place to provide support, facilitating an erect and upright posture.

Moveon_backLOWER BACK. The curve of your back is the blueprint for the chair’s third articulation point. Located in the centre of the backrest on a level with your lumbar region, so that it provides additional support when you lean backwards. The lumbar-flex stimulates you to stretch your back, facilitating breathing and improving oxygenation of the blood, so that you remain alert and avoid tension in your shoulders and neck.

RH Extend Models

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