RH Ergonomic Chairs

(Designed For Life)

RH Form has been designing and manufacturing work chairs since 1975. With a strong emphasis on the human body and its movement, RH is one of Europe’s leading brands in advanced ergonomic seating and orthopedic operators chairs. RH chairs are developed and manufactured in Sweden, in close collaboration with both designers and ergonomists.

A good chair should adapt to the human body and its movements. The chair must be flexible and individually adjustable, have ‘easy to use’ controls and look good in the work environment.

Our Performance Study shows that productivity increases and absenteeism decreases when using RH chairs. Try our Performance tool and see how an investment of our chairs can increase your profitability – http://www.rhchairs.co.uk/philosophy/uk-performance-tool


Recent models are 100% recyclable and seat and back support pads can be removed and replaced, extending the life of the chair (see video below). We also offer a ‘try before you buy’ scheme allowing you to feel sure that the selected model is absolutely right for you or your employee.

Available Chairs:

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