Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene

Food_Hygiene(Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

Everyone who works with food, whatever their job, needs to understand the risks associated with the incorrect handling, storage and cooking of ingredients. Food poisoning is normally caused by negligence or ignorance. Most experts believe that a reduction in the high levels of food poisoning will only be achieved by the education of all food handlers.

This CIEH course covers the following:

  • The meaning of the terms associated with food hygiene and food borne diseases
  • The causes and symptoms of food poisoning
  • The sources of bacteria which cause food poisoning and how these are transferred.
  • Examples of high-risk foods
  • Prevention of contamination/food poisoning
  • Personal Hygiene

Duration – 1 day or 2 x half days

Prices per person and/or for groups (Max 16 people)

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